6 Ways to Maximize Your House Storage Space

Tiny-house storage requires crafty ideas to get the arrangement right. Lofted beds and washer dryer combos can make a small room feel as accommodating as a large one. As a home grows, storage problems tend to plague spaces of all rooms, both large and small. Living in a tiny house means that you must find clever ways of keeping your items accessible yet out of the way. If you plan to take the plunge into building a tiny house, understand that storage will be a major concern. For many, the accumulation encountered can be overwhelmingly distractive. In such settings, clutter and buying new items may not be a harmonious idea. However, we have fantastic and unique storage tricks that you can steal to relieve your tiny house of accumulation and create a larger space.

  1. The solution might be more apparent than you think 

Until you decide to take your stuff down, everything you put up stays there: When it comes to making a decision on expanding your tiny house space on a tight budget, most of the time, you have the solution but cannot see it. On your walls for example, be sure to attach several hooks strategically and hang all the items you can. Everything from cooking supplies, hats, coats, and foldable tables and chairs, handbags, headphones, and so forth.

2. Divide and conquer 

Get a free standing cabinet to create a visual separation between your living space and the entry way. That should offer you the ideal combination of storage space and less clutter. It’s high time you considered an attractive piece of furniture that can also facilitate storage. Also, you can have free standing wall units instead of the built-ins if you are on a budget.

3. Get furniture to work 

Consider multipurpose as well in your space saving endeavors. Raincoats and wet rain-soaked umbrellas can stain your rugs and also ruin your hardwood floors by warping it. Get a stopping area close to the door where all entering should leave the weather behind. The entry closet should have layered moldings, shelf panels and should be complete with an open top-shelf. If there is no entry closet, you can get a storage bench to hold all that you need to unload. Also, it can double up as seating space rather than just clunky folding chairs. In your kitchen, fix shelves on the wall. The shelves will give easy access to dishes. In fact, that will save you the time of having to arrange them in a cupboard. Make it simple but organized.

4. Stair storage

If your home has stairs, you have another great opportunity for you to get creative with unique ideas. From shelving (where you can create a small rack for your books), cupboards, and drawers, you can hide so many items. In fact, stairs are the most creative spaces in your tiny-house. When you exhaust the stair space, you will learn that customizable storage options are endless.

5. Hide what you rarely use 

All unused space is a sure bet for storage. Under the bed, make use of drawers on casters to conceal seldom used items. This space can even be used to store toys in your baby’s room as well. To keep dust away from stored linen, use garment bags. There is also the ottoman that can double up as a storage space as well as a seating area or even a footrest. If you wish, you can also use it as a coffee table.

You can also customize your upholstery to fit your décor or needs. Ideally, if you have a couch or other forms of seating, transform them into storage space. In fact, a lot of storage space happens to be under the couch and under the bed.

6. Hidden Washer

Do you have a washing machine? Perhaps you are thinking of reselling it to save space. You’re personal setup certainly boils down to personal feasibility and preference. Depending on the layout you’re working with a washer dryer combination certainly may be plausible.

There are so many creative ways of expanding a small space. Tiny houses come with clever storage. With their multi-functional furniture and well-placed shelves, they certainly highlight creative possibility. It’s easy to maximize the tiniest sliver of space. You just have to think outside the box, steal the predisposed ideas, and go beyond what is offered. View this post as an avenue to exploring new solutions with the sparse space you have available. There are many clever tricks elsewhere as well. Hopefully these 6 house storage tricks have stirred your creativity.