Holiday gift ideas for roommates

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The holidays are back again! As usual it’s a time to spread some joy around and grab some gifts for your friends and family. If you’ve already gone shopping for your siblings and close friends job well done. This post is going to be specifically for those of you who have a roommate who you’re not sure what to get. See, your roommate has been presumably living with you for quite some time now, and surely they deserve they deserve a holiday gift from you as well.

Before setting out to grab a gift for your roommate, we’d like to present you with a few things to consider that might make your search a bit easier.

Talk about it

Discuss the idea of gifts with your roommate, no one wants to be unprepared or empty handed. Also consider whether or not you have created the required chemistry with them to warrant the exchange of gifts. Financially speaking it might not be something your roommate can do and if thats the case getting them a gift may only upset them. The last thing you’d want to do is guilt someone into a gift exchange when they really cant afford it. Whichever the case, just have a conversation about gifts and see how it goes. If both of you are open to the idea, then go for it.

Set Some Ground Rules

You need to make an important decision regarding the exchange of gifts. For example, what is the timeline involved? You certainly do not want to ambush your friends with gifts in the middle of a busy week. It is important that you make a unanimous decision on the specific time to hand over the packages. You also need to choose the method of exchange. If some of your roommates have traveled, then you could decide to ship your gifts to each other as long as the distance is not going to make you incur steep shipping costs. A face-to -face exchange is a great idea, especially if all of your roommates are available at the specific time suggested. Make it a special occasion and ensure that everyone has no prior engagements on the day you make the exchange. The idea is to make the event as enjoyable and memorable as possible.

Also remember to set a price limit so everyone purchases gifts that are fairly similar in quality. You do not want your friends to delve too deep into their pockets to get you a present, and you certainly do not want to overspend. Imagine getting your friend a 200-dollar denim jacket only to get a 5-dollar gift card in return! It is important that the expenditure on gifts remains more or less balanced across the board. Remember, the financial value of what your give or get is not as important as the gesture and emotion behind it.

Make it a celebration

Exchanging gifts should be an engaging event set apart from the rest of the time you spent with your roommates. As indicated earlier, you will need to set aside a certain day and do something meaningful together. Create an event and use it as a prelude to the gift-sharing process. You could go out to dinner together and take a special meal in order to set the day apart. You could go to the tracks, race some horses and take some photographs. The movies are also a great place in which to set a perfect mood for the exchange of gifts. Carry some popcorn and have fun while you’re at it. Another alternative involves a bottle of wine in the apartment (throw in some log fire if you can), setting the stage for a merry beginning to the festivities. What ever venue you choose make it memorable and entertaining for you and your friends.

Consider a gift for the apartment

This might sound a little odd, but it makes perfect sense. If you find buying gifts for everyone cumbersome, get together and buy a ‘gift’ for the apartment. This gift can be anything so long as it benefits all members of the apartment. It could be a bathtub, a coffeemaker or a blender-anything the apartment needs to be more accommodating and functional. Its important to again remember the pricing and budget limitations of your roommates.

Whatever approach you decide on, always be make sure that everything is all-inclusive, fun and exciting.