The Top 10 Essential Packing Supplies For DIY Movers



Moving into a new house is a major milestone in everyone’s life.In recent times, more and more savvy people are foregoing the full-service moving companies and embracing the do-it-yourself (DIY) moving attitude.DIY moving can save you a lot of money while letting you have control of the whole process.Moving can be a very painful and stressful experience especially when it is not well planned for.However, DIY moving can be very simple when well planned.You must start out on the right foot by having some essential supplies that will help you keep your sanity when packing and unpacking.Sure you will need boxes, but also take into account the following essentials so as to move like a pro.

1.Heavy-duty Boxes

As the day of moving gets nearer and nearer, you are probably dreading the task of purchasing the moving boxes.However, this can be a very easy task when you know which boxes are to be used to move your prized possessions safely.While most boxes may be fine, it is important that you invest in the best heavy-duty boxes.You may also need professional moving boxes that are specifically suited for a variety of households.Thes include the kitchen boxes, mirror and picture boxes and the wardrobe boxes.

2.Packing Tape

After purchasing the boxes, you will need lots of packing tape.You must use real packing tape and not the weak masking tape.Packing tapes that are sturdy enough can be very expensive, but remember cheap is always expensive.These packing tapes and tape dispensers can be ordered online or picked up at office supply and hardware stores.It is easier to tape up the boxes earlier than to do it at the last minute.Remember to buy the tape in bulk so as to get the best deal.

3.Moving Blankets

You must protect your most prized assets with high quality moving blankets.Moving blankets are used especially to protect furniture from getting damaged during the move.They ensure that your furniture don’t get any strains, tears or scratches.It is said that moving strikes fear in the hearts of the bravest of souls.However, the more moving blankets you have, the lesser the fear.

4.Floor and Carpet Protection

Although you are moving out of a house, you still need to protect the floors.This is even more important if you are moving during poor weather conditions like rain or snow.Carpet protectors are essential so as to ensure that the carpets are not damaged during the moving.At very affordable prices, you can purchase these protection films that stick to your carpet and protect them against spills, snow, and dirt.

5.Mattress Bags

Most people do not have the special canvas mattress bags or large cardboard mattress boxes to help in keeping the mattresses clean.In this case, affordable plastic mattress bags can easily be purchased in local storage and hardware stores.These bags will provide great rain and dust protection.Remember, never set the mattress on a wet surface even when a cover protects it.

6.Paper Towels

Vases, mugs, and other fragile equipment can be stuffed with paper towels so as to protect them.Paper towels can also be placed between the fragile utensils, appliances and cookware to prevent them from breaking.These towels can also be used in cleaning up the spills.

7.Bubble Wrap

Bubble wrap is a very important tool when packing fragile items.You only need to put layers of bubble wrap between each bowl.Use small bubbles for the more small and delicate appliances.Make sure that you place the heavier items at the bottom of the box.

8.Step Ladder

Step ladders come in different sizes; the most popular sizes that you may need during DIY moving are 4, 6, and 8 feet.Step ladders make it easier and safer to take boxes down or move them high up.Instead of trying to reach up and losing your balance, make sure you use a step ladder.


A dolly is an essential tool when moving heavy items.A dolly is basically a platform with wheels, and there are different varieties.Some dollies are even designed to go upstairs.You can either build yourself a dolly, borrow, or purchase at your local store.Just make sure to check the dolly’s weight limit.


A box-cutter can really come in handy when opening the strong seals.They reap off the seals and tapes cleanly without creating any mess.You can also use utility knives instead of the box-cutter.Remember to use brightly colored knives since they are easy to spot amidst any mess.